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The Spike or Victoria College Review 1947

Women's Basketball Club

Women's Basketball Club

Off to an early start last year's Club members began earnest practising in February preparing for Easter Tournament. A foretaste of the Club spirit that has revived this year was the way those not selected for the Tournament team turned up to give the selected team practice. These early efforts were rewarded, not by any glowing victories (we lost all games) but by the fact that every game the V.U.C. team played was well contested; we achieved 'Tournament standard' this year and hope to complete our recovery by some substantial wins next year.

It was decided not to field a Senior A team this year but to conserve and train our available talent in two Senior B teams and a Junior team. The Association, however, saw fit to place our second Senior B team in the Intermediate grade with the result that some very good players have not been in our Senior team. But because of the experience of the Tournament team, due to prior practice, it was able as the Senior B team to begin the season well and maintain a good footing throughout. Its record at the time of writing is four wins and three losses, not startling but very good, compared with last years 'no wins'.

The Intermediates suffered some reverses early in the season, but once they grew together as a team their scores were phenomenal, 31—5, 21—6.

The Junior team has been handicapped throughout the season by the lack of good goalies, but they have been superior in most games in fieldwork.

V.U.C. rarely gets past the rep. trials in basketball but this year we can boast three representatives, Julie Dean, selected for Senior B was promoted to the Senior A Tournament team for Wellington, June Scott (Intermediate), and Miriam Drain (Junior).

The increased vigour of the Club is shown, not only in successes and representatives, but also in the good Club practices we have held at St. Joseph's at 8 p.m. on Mondays. These have been worthwhile because on almost every occasion we have had two full teams.

We are very grateful to the coach, Mr Budden, for the time he has devoted to our Club.