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Immediate report on the Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 1959-60: VUWAE 3


Continuous recordings of temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure were made at main base from November 30 to January 31. A continuous-run anemometer was also operating. Standard observations of temperature (ambient, maximum and minimum); wind direction and velocity; cloud cover, height and direction of movement; and weather phenomena were made at 1200 and 1800 hours. Wind, cloud and weather observations only were made at 0900 end 2100 hours. A secondary station, recording temperatures and relative humidities, also operated at Lake Vida, 15 miles to the east, for four weeks.

During the previous V.U.W. expedition into the Wright Valley to the south, Bull found that in the western end of the valley the wind blew from the west, with low humidity and relatively high temperatures, or from the east, with high humidity and relatively low temperatures; while at the eastern end there was invariably an easterly wind. The purpose of establishing two stations this year, on towards the west and the other to the east, was to obtain more data on this wind structure.

The data has not yet been fully analysed, but the following results are to hand: