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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1980-81: VUWAE 25

Event K13 - Beacon Studies

Event K13 - Beacon Studies.

Nov. 16 Bannister, Christoffel to Scott Base.
16-19 Survival course.
19-20 Preparing field gear.
21 Christoffel, Cleary, Bannister to Portal Mt.
22-24 Work on Aztec red beds, Portal Mt.
25 Helo move to Alligator Peak.
26-28 Work on Aztec red beds, also repair equipment.
29-30 Helo delay. More sample collecting and climbed Alligator Peak for altitude check.
Dec. 1 Christoffel, Bannister to Mt. Kempe.
Cleary to Scott Base for treatment of abscess.
2-3 Surveying and collecting Terra Cotta siltstone samples.
4 Cleary return. Helo move to Table Mt.
5 Work on Terra Cotta section at Table Mt.
6 Snow and strong winds. Tent day.
7-8 Work on section.
9 Joined by Iles. Helo move to Knobhead.
10-11 Work on Terra Cotta, Mt. Handsley.
12-13 Helo delay.
14 Heavy snow. Tent day.
15 Helo wait. Joined by K32. Attempt move to Mt. Crean aborted. Off-loaded at Fryxell.
16 Event 13 moved to Mt. Crean. Work on section. Joined by K32.
17 Work on section and filming.
18 Work on section.
19-21 Blizzard. Tent days.
22 Events 13 and 32 to Scott Base (eventually).
23 Christoffel, Bannister, Iles to Christchurch.
Days in Antarctica 36
Days at Scott Base 5
Days in field 31
Travel 7
Tent days and Helo waits 8
Work 17
Jan. 14 Christoffel to Scott Base.
16 Paleomagnetic sampling at Castle Rock.
17 Fly to Vanda (a.m.). Paleomagnetic sampling granites and dykes at Vanda. Return to Scott (p.m.).
18 Paleomagnetic sampling at Observation Hill.
20 Paleomagnetic sampling granites and dykes in Miers Valley.
21 Christoffel boards Benjamin Bowring for Event 9.page 60
Jan. 21 Geophysical work on board "Bowring" in Ross Sea (Event 9).
- Feb. 12
13 Christoffel to Christchurch.
Days in Antarctica (Jan.-Feb. 1981) 30
Paleomagnetic work (Event 13 cont.) 6
"Bowring Cruise" (Event 9) 22