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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1980-81: VUWAE 25


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McMurdo Sound Sediment Sampling (Event 14).

Oct. 9 - Dec. 10 Sediment sampling programme in McMurdo Sound and at the McMurdo Station desalinisation outlet.
Alex Pyne (Leader/Geologist) M.Sc student VUW
Barbara Ward (Geologist) Ph.D student VUW
Paul Fitzgerald (Geological assistant) B.Sc student VUW
Bruce Garrick (DSIR assistant)
Nov.26 - Dec.3 Seismic Refraction from the sea ice off Butter Point.
Ray Dibble (Geophysicist) Reader in Geology VUW
David Iles (Geophysics assistant) B.Sc student VUW

Beacon Studies (Event 13).

Nov.21 - Dec.22 Sampling red bed rock sequences at several locations for paleomagnetism measurements.
David Christoffel (Leader/ Geophysicist) Associate Professor in Physics, VUW
Stephen Bannister (Geophysical assistant) B.Sc student VUW
Peter Cleary (DSIR assistant)
Dec.9 David Iles (to Event 13).
Dec.11 - Dec.16 Description and paleocurrent measurement of the Coal Measure sequence at the Lashly Mountains (Event 14).
Alex Pyne
Barbara Ward
Paul Fitzgerald
Bruce Garrick
Jan.14 - Jan.20 Further paleomagnetic sampling of basement granites/dykes and Ross Island volcanics. Arranged on an opportunity basis while awaiting the beginning of the "Benjamin Bowring" Geophysical Programme (Event 9).
David Christoffel
Assistant from Scott Base

Basement Studies (Event 15).

Nov.22 - Jan.7 Mapping and sampling basement rocks in the Miers Valley to Salmon Valley area. page 4
Frank Reid (Leader/Geologist) Ph.D student VUW
Steven Simmons (Geologist) M.Sc student VUW
Greg Mortimer (Geologist/DSIR assistant)
Jan.7 - Jan.13 Sampling "type" granite intrusive rooks in the Taylor and Wright Valleys.
Steven Simmons
Greg Mortimer

Erebus Studies (Event 5).

Dec.10 - Jan.9 Installing seismic equipment and monitoring Erebus volcano at the summit.
Ray Dibble (Geophysicist)
(For the other members of the IMESS (Event 5) party see Appendix IIA).

Ross Sea Marine Geophysical Cruise (Event 9).

Jan.21 - Feb.13 David Christoffel (Geophysicist) participated with Geophysics Division (DSIR) scientists on the Benjamin Bowring Cruise in the Ross Sea.
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Satellite image map of the McMurdo Sound Region showing locations covered by VUWAE 25 Events. (Map is from USGS Experimental Printing; Sheet: McMurdo Sound Antarctica 1972-1974).


McMurdo Sound Sediment Studies (NZARP Event 14).

1.Capes Evans/Royds.
2.Butter Point/New Harbour area.
3.Cape Chocolate area.
4.Lashly Mountains (Mt. Crean).

Beacon Studies (NZARP Event 13).

5.Portal Mountain.
6.Alligator Peak (Boomerang Range).
7.Mount Kempe.
8.Table Mountain.
4.Mount Crean.

Basement Studies (NZARP Event 15).

10.Miers Valley area.
11.Garwood Valley area.
12.Marshall valley.
13.Salmon Valley.
14.Taylor Valley (near Taylor Glacier snout).
15.Wright Valley (Dias area).

Erebus Studies (NZARP Event 5).

16.Mount Erebus summit.
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Plate I

Plate I