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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1980-81: VUWAE 25

Event 15

Event 15


All transport for Event 15 was by helicopter and movements between camps was well-timed and efficient with only two delays due to bad weather. Considerable saving of helo time was afforded by good management by Scott Base D.O.I.C. who arranged moves so that flight times from Scott Base to the Dry Valleys was shared by several events moving on the same day.


A single area between the Miers Valley and Salmon Valley from the coast to the Blue Glacier was covered. Five camps were established for the field party which enabled the 200km2 area to be mapped and samples in single day trips without having to establish secondary overnight camps.

Approximately ten day camps were established at the following areas:
i)Lake Miers
ii)Upper Garwood valley at Collen Lake
iii)Lower Garwood valley about 5km from the coast
iv)Marshall valley about 5km from the coast
v)Salmon valley


Good weather conditions prevailed during Event 15 stay in the area between Miers valley and Salmon Valley. Weather observations were made and relayed daily to Scott Base. The unfavourable weather that was experienced did not hinder field work; snow falls usually covered outcrops for only a day or two. The weather became more unsettled and cooler in the latter part of the season (mid-December/early January).


Communication with Scott Base was maintained with a Labgear radio which operated effectively for the entire field trip. On only one day was it necessary to relay to Scott Base via Vanda Station due to ionispheric disturbance. Battery life was excellent due to low power being used for transmission on most days.


A mattress and a snow gaiter were lost in blustery conditions that were prevalent, particularly at the Salmon Valley campsite.