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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1980-81: VUWAE 25


page 45


The VUW Antarctic Research Centre and the 1980-81 Expedition members would like to extend their gratitude and thanks to:
-The University Grants Committee for financing the major part of the expedition.
-The VUW Internal Research Committee for financial support for the following: Equipment grant for Dr. Dibble's participation in IMESS. Grant towards the Salinity/Temperature bridge. Grant for Ph.D equipment (B.L. ward). Grants to students for the periods spent in Antarctica.
-The Golden Kiwi Scientific Fund for a grant towards the oceanographic equipment.
-Ron Arbuckle and ICI NZ Ltd. for their donation of explosives without which the seismic refraction programme could not have proceeded.
-Seismological Laboratory, uses, Alberquerque for the donation of Low temperature IC components (IMESS).
-The US National Science Foundation for providing air support by the US Navy UXE-6 Squadron.
-Antarctic Division, DSIR, personnel for their logistic and field support.
-The 1980-81 Scott Base staff, in particular: Hugh Webb (DOIC) and Rodger Clark (OIC) for their efficient and helpful helicopter scheduling. Bruce Scott and Neville Clark for mechanical assistance with field vehicles. Alan Remnant and Warwick Thomson for their thoughtful and very much appreciated parcels of freshies in the field. Tom Earl and Stan Whitfield for electronics help to IMESS and K14. Darcy Pollard for his extremely efficient handling of our cargo. Ian Johnstone and the others in his post office command.
-From McMurdo Station this season: Phil Kyle for initiating IMESS. Art De-Vries for suggestions and help with our sampling equipment. J.D. Williams for helpful advice with explosives.
-We also wish to thank: Nevil Maw and Alex McKenzie from the Explosives Division (Department of Labour) for their very useful and interesting course with explosives. The VUW Engineering Workshop (Ernie Millington, Graham Hewitt and especially Denis Thompson, who built the corer). Nick Thompson and John Anderson who built our very successful portable winch. Mr. L.R. Pyne who built several containers for our special equipment. The Oceanographic Institute and the MOW for the lending of some equipment. Dr. Fleming and the VUW. Health Service for handling our medical examinations.
-We are especially grateful to our DSIR field assistants: Bruce Garrick for his mechanical expertise (K14), Pete Cleary who was a tower of strength (K13). John Prosser, Roy Parish and Pete Sommerville for burying 3.6km of cable on Erebus (K5). Greg Mortimer for his companionship and enthusiasm in the field (K15).