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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1980-81: VUWAE 25



A. Participants in the first IMESS expedition 1980-81:

  • Dr. Phil R. Kyle (Ohio State University).
  • Mr. W. (Bill) C. McIntosh (University of Colorado).
  • Dr. Jurgen Kienle (University of Alaska).
  • Mr. Steve A. Estes (university of Alaska).
  • Mr. Kei Terai (National institute of Polar Research, Tokyo).
  • Mr. Tetsuo Takanami (Hokkaido University).
  • Mr. Noburu Osada (Tokyo University).
  • Dr. R.R. Dibble (Victoria University of Wellington).
Other members of the expedition were:
  • Mr. Peter Otway (Geological Survey, DSIR).
  • Mr. Gary Neals (Lands & Survey Department).
  • Dr. Hugh Morgan (University of Waikato).
  • Dr. Roy Daniell (University of Waikato).
The Antarctic Division DSIR field assistants to the expedition were:
  • Mr. Jon Prosser.
  • Mr. Roy Parish.
  • Mr. Pete Summerville.
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B. IMESS Program, Three years starting in 1980/81.

Experimental Responsibilities
Field Set up:
1. Permanent 3-partite short period vertical seismic array on flank of Erebus Kienle
2. Permanent summit 3-component short period seismic station Kienle
3. Telemetry of 1 and 2 to Scott Base through relay station on Hut Point Peninsula Kienle
4. Portable temporary 3-partite summit seismic array operated during summit visits Kaminuma
5. Portable temporary 1-component summit seismic station operated during summit visits Dibble
6. Acoustic sensor, locally recorded for 1 month and then readied for telemetry Dibble
Telemetry to Scott Base Kienle(?)
7. Figure 8 induction coil, locally recorded for 1 month and if feasible readied for telemetry Dibble
Telemetry Kienle
8. Demodulation and recording of seismic and induction (?) data on magnetic tape at Scott Base Kaminuma
9. Single channel recording of seismic data on Helicorder Kienle
10. Single channel recording of acoustic data Dibble
11. Space, timing and record-keeping DSIR-Scott Base
12. Magnetic tape playback, seismograms to all Principal Investigators Kaminuma
Scientific Responsibilities
1. Microearthquake location in space and time, magnitudes and energy release Kaminuma Dibble Kienle
2. Harmonic tremor Kaminuma
3. Explosion energetics Dibble
4. Induction Dibble
5. Correlation of acoustic and induction events with seismicity Dibble
6. Teleseismic P-delays Dibble Kienle
7. Temporal patterns of seismicity, explosions, tidal triggering (?) Kienle
8. Plumbing of magma lake Kaminuma Dibble Kienle Kyle
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C. Specification of Telemetry Equipment for Erebus Summit.

Main Battery 30 cells of Edison Carbonaire (ST22, ST33) to give 3300 ampere hours at 12 V, negative earth.
Transmitter Monitron T16F20, RF power 100 mW, RF frequency 166.421 MHz, ± 5 kHz modulation.
Antennae Yagi, 5 elements on c. 2m mast.
Receiver Monitron R16F.
Recorder Sony Instrumentation Tape Recorder UFR-11400L, 14 data plus 2 timing channels, low speed FM, 0-30 Hz.
Recorder San-ei Sokki long-term chart recorder 8D01. Single channel, 240mm/minute.
Clock Citizen Quartz digital clock 9031A-06.