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Immediate Report of Victoria University Of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 1987-88: VUWAE 32


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In the 1987-88 Antarctic season two Victoria University Programmes were successfully completed.

The McMurdo Sound sediment studies obtained sea floor sediment samples from eight shore-normal transects in McMurdo Sound and along the southern Victoria Land coast. The transects were designed to sample nearshore sediment and biota to a depth of 100 m. Current measurements were also made at many of the sites to improve our understanding of water circulation patterns and their influence on sediment distribution and deposition.

The Mt Erebus seismic programme repaired the TV camera installed on the volcano's crater rim to continue monitoring the activity of the lava lake. Real time TV data was compared to recordings from the Mt Erebus seismic net to understand the eruption mechanisms of this active volcano.

McMurdo Sound Sediment Studies (K042)
Leader: Mr Alex R. Pyne, Expedition Manager, ARC, VUW
Co-leader: Dr Barbara L. Ward, Research Associate, ARC, VUW
Geological Assistant: Ms Barbara D. Armstrong
Geological Assistant: Mr. Philip Shane
Address: Antarctic Research Centre
Research Shool of Earth Sciences
Victoria University of Wellington
P O Box 600, Wellington.
DSIR Field Assistant: Mr. Geoffrey Blake
Address: Intech Electrical
9 Fairview Place, New Plymouth.
Mt Erebus Seismic Study
Leader: Dr Ray R. Dibble, ARC, VUW
Technician: Mr Terry B. Ball, ARC, VUW
Student: Miss Susan M. Ellis, ARC, VUW
Address: Antarctic Research Centre
Research School of Earth Sciences
Victoria University of Wellington
P O Box 600, Wellington.
Field Assistant: Mr Steve Lassky, DSIR