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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1991-92: VUWAE 36

7. Event Diary

7. Event Diary

13 Nov. Pyne, Broughton, Powell and Falloon (K191 surveyor) to Scott Base, C141 with 2 RNZAF helos and crew.
14 Nov. Unpacking ROV equipment and getting cargo ready for Cape Roberts including K024 cargo (2/3 of a cantago sledge). Pyne on sea ice helo reconn. (RNZAF helo in evening) to L. Fryxell, L. Bonney, Marble Pt. Mackay Glacier Tongue.
15 Nov. Continue preparations at Scott Base.
16 Nov. Broughton, Powell, Falloon on sea ice survival course in morning. Pyne and Statham with skidoos pick up Falloon at Turtle rock then restablish trig rock cairn at Tent island and survey McMurdo Mooring site.
17 Nov. Broughton, Powell continue on survival course. Pyne on one day refresher course.. Continue work on ROV in evening and preparing cargo.
18 Nov. Preparing ROV and cargo. Heaphy pick up T.REX nodwell from McMurdo and check for the field.
19 Nov. Preparing ROV and in water tests in TVNZ hole in front of Scott Base.
20 Nov. Final packing of ROV and cargo train. Depart Scott Base @ 1648 hrs in moderate visibility conditions. Visibility decreasing (1920 hours) navigating with GPS and sun. Stopped @ 2230 for night, no visibility @ 77° 47′ 18″S, 166° 16′ 31″E. Two American Navy Deltas following since Ice Runaway.
21 Nov. Away @ 0907 hrs. Good visibility and clear ice to off Marble Pt. where Deltas left us 1300-1400. Continue on to Cape Roberts.
22 Nov. Arrive Cape Roberts 0200. Unload cargo for K024 in afternoon. Check tide gauge and download storage module data. Visited by 3 Greenpeace personnel. Unload K024 cargo # C. Roberts beach. Leave fuel sledge of sea ice and Cape Roberts. Depart 2216 hrs. towing Apple sledge.
23 Nov. Arrive Mackay Glaicer Tongue (MGT) on south side (site 1) @ 0130 hrs. Make ROV drive hole in tide crack next to MGT ice wall by drilling and explosives.
24 Nov. Two ROV dives @ site 1 (MGT 91-1, MGT 91-2) Reconn. north side of MGT, all personnel with skidoos.
25 Nov. Two ROV dives @ Site 1. (MGT 91-3, MGT 91-4).
26 Nov. To north side (armpit) of MGT by 1320 hrs and make site 2 access hole. Masses of platlet ice at this site, cleared with 44 gal drum and T. REX.
27. Nov. Preparing and checking ROV. Current meter found to be flooded probably due to leaking connector where repaired.
28 Nov. Two dives @ site 2. (MGT 91-5, MGT 91-6).
29 Nov. Two dives @ site 2. (MGT 91-7, MGT 91-8)
30 Nov. Move to site 3, down glacier on north side. Prepare dive hole and check ROV.
1 Dec. One dive @ site 3 (MGT 91-9). CTD instrument problems Falloon and Heaphy to survey at Dunlop island by skidoos.
2 Dec. One dive @ site 3 (MGT 91 -10) CTD instrument problems. Pyne, Statham page break to Cape Roberts to visit helo & VIP partly in afternoon.
3 Dec. Leave MGT (1243 hrs) for Cape Roberts (1515 hrs). Falloon leaves earlier to set up tide gauge leveling, then checked transducer with underwater camera. Pyne and Powell sampling MGT debris icebergs then to Cape Roberts
4 Dec. Replaced metmast anemometer and downloaded CR10 storage modules. Returned 1 module for resetting in New Zealand to return to Cape Roberts with Falloon in Jan 92. Falloon complete 24 hour tide gauge leveling then Powell and Falloon to Dunlop Island with skidoo for surveying. TREX and D4 leave Cape Roberts = 1400 hrs. Pyne and Broughton follow after clean-up @ 1515 hrs. Arrive @ Cape Bernacchi 1100 hrs @ John McDonalds camp near iceberg.
5 Dec. Depart Cape Bernacchi 1312 hrs arrive 1915 hrs at Blue Glacier in light falling snow.
6 Dec. Drill ROV dive hole with T.REX. Prepare ROV and two dives (BG 91-1, BG 91-2).
7 Dec. Depart Blue Glacier @ 1219 hrs for McMurdo Mooring site arriving @ 1700 hrs. Prepare ROV for dive. Pyne and Powell check Blue Glacier surface runoff then follow on skidoo.
8 Dec. Recover McMurdo mooring after releasing acoustic release with ROV. Return to Scott Base by 0130 hrs (9 Dec).
9 Dec. Packing and cleaning equipment for return to NZ and USA.
10 Dec. Cleaned up equipment and T.REX for return to McMurdo. Didn't fly to NZ tonight as expected.
11 Dec. Cleaned NZI. Pyne, Broughton clean out VUW equipment in university LTS container for ship return to New Zealand. Pyne, Powell, Broughton RTNZ 2330 hrs. Arrive 0830 (12 Dec).