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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1994-95: VUWAE 39



There are several things highlighted in this report that we believe require attention for the benefit of field teams that follow us. In outline these are:
  • the problems of food box contents. We would suggest a review of the contents and a "clean-out" of over date food items (Section 11.3).
  • the provision of an emergency food supply for rapid deployment to the deep field (Section 11.3).
  • the problems and inefficiencies with radio communications (Section 12), especially testing of HF radios further from base, the need to develop a compact aerial unit for use on crevassed terrain, and work towards providing compatible frequencies with the US program.
  • the need for greater communication between Scott Base operations and McMurdo operations with regard to deep field parties (Section 6.2).
  • the possible need for a close examination of the skidoo nose-ski system in order to strengthen the system, thereby reducing the risk of injury (Section 10).
  • the advantages of providing boxes for transporting and sheltering generators (Section 11.4), perhaps looking at greater use of solar energy in place of generators.

We would be more than happy to provide further information and consult further with NZAP on these issues if it were considered necessary.