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[Letters related to the case of George Von Zedlitz]

Memo re Carrying on French and German during my , for Finance Committee

page break

Memo re Carrying on French and German during my [gap — reason: illegible], for Finance Committee

Confidential and only for members of
the Finance Committee, not to be read in Council

As I had heard that Professor Von Zedlitz
would be please to advise on the above
matter if he were asked, I met him by
appointment, and submit the result of that

In the Professor's opinion two courses are
open to us, if we are not now going to appoint
another Professor. These causes are; (a)
to advertise in N.Z. and Australia for a
man to do the [unclear: whole] in French and German for one session, [gap — reason: illegible]
with a provission for attending the engagement
if necessary. Such a man would probably
have to be offered £450 or £500 for the [gap — reason: illegible] session
in the Professors opinion it is doubtful
whether we should get a suitable man.
(b) To put the work in Mr McPhails'
hands. page break With regard to (b) the Professor says
Mrs McPail is quite competent to take
the Senior and Junior French as a
fill-gap. but he does not think she
has the necessary scholarship for the [unclear: honours]
work. He therefore suggests that we
should appoint her to take charge
of the Junior and Senior work with
all French, and to supervise the
reading of students for repeats and honours.
Further he advises to drop commercial
French which is not necessary for the
Arts Degree, but if any student for
B.Com wants Commercial French
he should only advised as to [unclear: books
and his reading generally.]

The Professor does not think it necessary
to provide Mrs McPail with as assistant
but we should have to find a
tutor for the German students. A
suitable coach he admits is very
difficult to find. The following
names were submitted as possible
tutors but none seemed in the opinion
page break of the Professor very suitable;
Herne. Schock, [unclear: Mrs Lewsby], Walter
Eichelbaum. The last is a
suitable man, but probably attainable.
Mrs [unclear: Genitzen] whose name was brought
to my notice is quite unsuitable.

In my opinion to advertise would
be the last course. If we got no suitable
applicants we could fall back on,
Mrs McPail. If the Committee decides
to advertise it should do it at once.

If on the other hand the Committee
decides to put the work in Mrs
McPail's hands I think we should
have to give her an assistant.
In fact she told me she could not do
the work without one. But she was
[unclear: evedintly] contemplating taking
into the whole of the French work
Junior, Senior, Repeat, and Honours
and Commercial

If we give Mrs McPhail the work page break I think we ought to offer her at
the rate of £300 a year from 1st March
[gap — reason: illegible] (The Professor suggested £200)
Her assistant could probably be got
for from £70 to £100 a year.

If the Committee decides on Mrs. McPhail
there need by no hurry in setting
a tutor for the Germans. We could
take time to look round for a man.
The Professors idea was that the
Tutor should not Deliver any
course by lecture, but that he should
read with the students and advise
them on necessary text books; and
generally help them out of difficulties.

I suggest we might consider the
advisability of dropping German
altogether for a session.

Lastly the Professor informed me
that he has the work for night
session almost completely prepared page break another he will gladly hand over
all his notes, lectures and
manuscripts for Mrs. McPhails use,
and that he would always be
please to advise her.

This of course is a very generous
offer, but could only be a private
arrangement between the Professor
and Mrs McPhail.

Clement Watson