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Keys and Bibliography to the Collembola

Family Catastylidae Olfers, 1907

Family Catastylidae Olfers, 1907

Key to the Genera of the Catastylidae (Fossil Collembola)
1. Scales present; Ants. III and IV annulated Cuculliger Olfers, 1907 (805)
Scales absent 2
2. Abd. IV with two spines and Abd. V with two long cerci Catastylus Olfers, 1907 (805)
Abd. V with either a spine or long setae 3
3. Abd. V with two long cerci bearing basal papillae, and one long median upturned spine Polystylus Olfers, 1907 (805)
Abd. V on posterior border and Abd. VI on each side with a short papilla bearing a long seta Omophora Olfers, 1907 (805)