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Keys and Bibliography to the Collembola

Family * Oncopoduridae Denis, 1934

Family * Oncopoduridae Denis, 1934

Key to the Genera of the Oncopoduridae
1. Ocelli and pigment present; mucro with two basal ciliated setae Harlomillsia Bonet 1944 (125)
=Millsia Bonet, 1943 (124) (not of Womersley)
Ocelli and pigment absent 2
2. Mucro with two basal scales and ventral lamellae; dens with a single spine on outer edge Oncopodura Carl et Leb, 1905 (206)
=Cyphoderellopsis Yosii, 1939 (1194)
Mucro without scales or lamellae; dens apically with two scales extending sometimes beyond apex of mucro Borecus Folsom, 1923 (461)

* The Oncopoduridae were first recognized as a distinct family by Denis in 1934, but later workers continued to refer to it as a sub-family either of the Cyphoderidae or the Isotomidae, and much confusion has resulted. Bonet in 1943, has discussed the situation at some length and produced convincing evidence to support Denis's view, with which I concur, that the Oncopoduridae is a family.