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Keys and Bibliography to the Collembola

Family Tomoceridae Schaeffer, 1896

Family Tomoceridae Schaeffer, 1896

Sub-Family Lepidophorellinae Börner, 1906

This sub-family contains two tribes, the Lepidophorellini Womersley and the Neophorellini Womersley, of which the latter contains one genus only, Neophorella Womersley, 1934 (1168). The Lepidophorellini and Neophorellini are separated as in the key to the families, sub-families, and tribes of the Collembola given in the early part of this work.

Tribe Lepidophorellini Womersley, 1934
Key to the Genera of the Lepidophorellini
1. Tergum of the mesothorax at least three times as long as the metathorax and projecting forward over the head for a considerable distance Pseudolepidophorella Salmon, 1941 (910)
Tergum of the mesothorax shorter, not or only slightly overlying rear of head 2
2. Antennae normal, four segmented; unguiculus generally lanceolate, normal; scales normal Lepidophorella Schaeffer, 1897 (934)
=Dreponura Moniez, 1894 (782)
Antennae abnormal, apparently three segmented; empodial appendage peculiar, four-winged, with prominent teeth; scales hyaline Antennacyrtus Salmon, 1941 (910)
Sub-family Tomocerinae Börner, 1906

This sub-family contains three tribes—Tomocerini Salmon, Novacerini Salmon, and Paratomocerini Salmon—separated as in the key to the families of Collembola in the early part of this work. The tribe Paratomocerini, originally erected as a sub-family, contains only one genus Paratomocerus Tarsia in Curia, 1938 (1051). Likewise the Novacerini contains only the one genus, Novacerus Salmon, 1942 (911) =Neocerus Salmon, 1941 (910).

Tribe Tomocerini Salmon, 1941
Key to the Genera of the Tomocerini
1. Ocelli present, six to each side; clavate tenent hairs present 2
Ocelli absent; tenent hairs absent Tritomurns Frauenfeld, 1854 (476)
2. Head of maxilla without a beard Tomocerus Nicolet, 1841 (798)
=Macrotoma Bourlet, 1839 (159)
Head of maxilla with a beard Sub-genus Pogonognathellus Paclt, 1947 (828)
=Pogonognathus Börner, 1908 (159)