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Keys and Bibliography to the Collembola

Tribe Katiannini Börner, 1913

Tribe Katiannini Börner, 1913

Key to the Genera of the Katiannini
1. Clavate tenent hairs generally present 2
Clavate tenent hairs absent; Ant IV subdivided; ocelli, eight to each side or reduced in number; dens posteriorly and laterally with short spines or spine-tike setae Arrhopolites Börner, 1906 (147)
2. Ant. IV subdivided; Ant III with sensory organ which may be peg-like or wart-like in form 3
Ant. IV not subdivided; sense organ. Ant III, wart-like 9
3. With spine-like setae on top of head; Ant. III with long, strong setae 4
Without spine-like setae on top of head; setae of Ant III normal 5
4. Spine-like setae on head serrated; setae of body and appendages long and serrated; Ant. III without peg-like organ; Abd. V with a long sensory hair to each side Novokatianna Salmon, 1944 (917)
Spine-like setae on head simple; setae of body and appendages long but simple; Ant III with peg-like organ; Abd. V with a short sensory seta to each side Katianna Börner, 1906 (147)
5. With short dagger-like spines on dorsum 6
Without such spines; normal setae on dorsum 7
6. With large protuberances on flanks of larger part of body Longkingia Salmon, 1946 (920)
Without such protuberances Parakatianna Womersley, 1932 (1163)
7. With bothriotrichia on larger part of body 8
Without bothriotrichia on larger part of body Metakatianna Denis, 1933 (374)
8. With the trichobothria of genital segment greatly enlarged and protruding; sparsely clothed on body, with short, usually curved, simple setae Pseudokatianna Salmon, 1944 (917)
Trichobothria of genital segment normal; clothing uniform of moderately long, simple setae Polykatianna Salmon, 1946 (920)
9. Filaments of ventral tube smooth; claw without tunica * Sminthurinus Börner, 1901 (140)
=Smynthurella Houlbert, 1924 (597)
Filaments of ventral tube with warted walls; claw with tunica Neosminthurus Mills, 1934 (764)

* On page 157 of his "Thysanoures, Dermapteres, et Orthopteres de France et de la Faune Européene," Houlbert states that he considers it unreasonable to continue to classify the genus Sminthurinus Börner in a sub-family other than that to which it has given its name, and proposes, accordingly, that the genus Sminthurinus Börner be known henceforth as Smynthurella Houlbert Such an arbitrary change of name, however, cannot be allowed under the Rules of Zoological Nomenclature, and the name Smynthurella becomes a synonym of Sminthurinus.