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Keys and Bibliography to the Collembola

Tribe Bourletiellini Börner, 1913

Tribe Bourletiellini Börner, 1913

Key to the Genera of the Bourletiellini
1. With a clasping organ consisting of hooks or curved bristles on the genital segment of the male; body globular, rounded dorso-longitudinally Bourletiella Banks, 1899 (90)
Without clasping organ; body more elongate, flattened dorso-longitudinally 2
2. With swellings or protuberances on dorsal surface of body 3
Without swellings or protuberances on dorsal surface of body 4
3. Unguiculus filiform; male with large dome-like swellings on top of head Bovicornia Delamare-Deboutteville, 1947 (319)
Unguiculus replaced by accessory clavate hair; dorsal surface of body with swellings or protuberances Corynephoria Absolon, 1907 (19)
4. With group of strong spines (rastral organ) on hind tibiotarsus 5
Without rastral organ 6
5. Spines of rastral organ simple or serrate and arranged in rows Rastriopes Börner, 1906 (147)
Spines of rastral organ simple and not arranged in rows Prorastriopes Delamare-Deboutteville, 1947 (319)
6. Claw with tunica Eusminthurus Börner, 1900 (135)
Claw without tunica Deuterosminthurus Börner, 1901 (140)
=Deuterosminturus Börner, 1901 (140)