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Keys and Bibliography to the Collembola

Tribe Sminthurini Börner, 1913

Tribe Sminthurini Börner, 1913

Key to the Genera of the Sminthurini
1. With 4–5 long, strong setae, much longer and stronger than the rest on the basal half of Ant III 2
Without long, strong setae; the setae of Ant III approximately equal; claw without tenent hairs 3page 31
2. Dorsal edges of mucro equal; mucro with or without bristle; dorsal glands absent from furcal segment * Sminthurus Latreille, 1804 (661)
Dorsal edges of mucro unequal; mucro with bristle; furcal segment with two round fine-pored glandular openings on dorsal surface Allacma Börner, 1906 (147)
3. Claw with tunica 4
Claw without tunica Parrhopalites Bonet and Teller, 1947 (134)
4. Genital segment with two bothriotrichia Sphyrotheca Börner, 1906 (147)
Genital segment without bothriotrichia Lipothrix Börner, 1906 (147)