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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 54 to 57



Since the above account was submitted for publication a third New Zealand specimen has come to hand. It is also a female and is larger, being 1220 mm in total length. It was long-lined in about 146 metres (80 fathoms) off Mayor Island in November, 1970, by Mr. Bob Gray on the vessel "Rarangi". Its proportions agree well with those of the other specimens except that the 2nd dorsal base is a little shorter than the 1st dorsal base. The dental formula is 12–13/12–12. The underside of the body is about equally mottled with grey and with white. This specimen was pregnant (the other two were immature with undeveloped oviducts) and contained five embryos in the left oviduct and five in the right. Each embryo is about 85 mm total length and is attached to a yolk sac about 60 mm in diameter. The embryos (DM 5205) and the female (DM 5204) are deposited in the Dominion Museum, Wellington.