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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 58 to 61

Legend to the Plates

Legend to the Plates

page 9
Plate 1

Plate 1

Fig. 1: Sagittal frozen section, dorsal body wall. Phase contrast photomicrograph × 700.

B, "basement membrane"; EC, epidermal channels; P, pigment; arrow, one of the "cavities".

Fig. 2: Sagittal 0.5μ section, dorsal body wall. MBAII stain, phase contrast photomicrograph × 1700.

A, adhesive gland secretion in an epidermal cell; B, "basment membrane); C, "cavities"; CM, circular muscles; E, epidermis; arrow, thin dense line at base of epidermis.

Figs. 3 & 4: Saggital 0.5μ sections, dorsal body wall. MBAII stain, phase contrast photomicrographs × 1700.

B, "basement membrane"; C, circular muscles; D, dorsoventral muscles; E, epidermis; L, longitudinal muscles; arrows, connections between "basement membrane" and muscles.

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Plate 2

Plate 2

Fig. 1: Longitudinal section of muscle cell. MBAII stain, retouched phase contrast photomicrograph × 2,000.

C, cell body; F, contractile fibre; N, nucleus; P, parenchyma.

Figs. 2 & 3: Dissociated muscle cells. Phase contrast phtomicrographs. Fig. 2 × 1,200, Fig 3 × 1,700.

C, cell body plus nucleus; F, contractile fibre; arrows, fine processes.

Fig. 4: Dissociated pigment cells. Fig. 4A photographed by bright field microscopy; Fig. 4B photographed by Nomarski interference mciroscopy. Both × 1,200.

P, pigment cell; PC, pigment granule clusters.

Fig. 5: Incomplete cell dissociation showing occurrence of pigment granules and clusters of granules (black, some arrowed), between muscle cells. Nomarski interference photomicrograph × 1,200. M, muscle cells.

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Plate 3

Plate 3

Fig. 1: Sagittal 0.5μ section caudal parenchyma. MBAII stain, phase contrast photomicrograph × 1,750. Cells present include those with stranded cytoplasm (arrows) and pale granules (G). B, basiphil secretion.

Fig. 2: Sagittal 0.5μ section cephalic parenchyma, at base of brain. MBAII stain, phase contrast photomicrograph × 2,200.

B, basiphil secretion; C, cell with stranded cytoplasm; D, dorsoventral muscle fibres; N, nerve cells.