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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 78, 79 and 80

Legends for Figures 1-4 — (scale in mm)

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Legends for Figures 1-4
(scale in mm)

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Figure 1: A - Betaeopsis aequimanus zoea 3, carapace and abdomen, lateral view. B,C,G,H - Alpheopsis garricki zoea 3, lateral view (B), enlarged tip of pereiopod 5 dactylus spine (C), maxilliped 3 (exopod omitted) (G), maxilla (H). D - Alpheus richardsoni zoea 3, maxilliped 1 (exopod omitted). E, F - Alpheus socialis zoea 3, maxilliped 1 (E) and 3 (F).

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Figure 2: A - Pontophilus australis zoea 5, anterior dorsal view. B -Cheraphilus (=Pontophilus) echinulatus zoea 5, anterior dorsal view, showing rostrum shape in 'Pontophilus-group B' species. C-E - Pontophilus chiltoni, zoea 5 maxilla (C), zoea 5 lateral view (D), zoea 3 telson and uropods (E). F - Sclerocrangon boreas zoea 1, telson. G - Glyphocrangon spinicauda zoea 1, telson. H - Pontophilus spinosus zoea 5, anterior dorsal view showing the length of antennullar flagellum in 'Pontophilus-group A' species. (B, H after Sars 1890, F after Makarov 1968, G after Dobkin 1965, I after De Simón 1979)

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Figure 3: A, B - Hippolyte multicolorata zoea 8, lateral view (A), enlarged dorsal view of spines on abdominal somite 5 (B). C -Hippolysmata ensirostris zoea 7, lateral view of cephalothorax (note enormous length of pereiopod 5; other thoracic appendages omitted). D-F - Nauticaris marionis zoea 1, dorsal view (D), antenna (E), enlarged dorsal view of spines on abdominal somite 5 (F). G -Alope spinifrons zoea 5, lateral view. H, K - Tozeuma novaezealandiae zoea 1, lateral view (H), maxilla (K). I, J - Hippolyte bifidirostris zoea 3, maxilliped 3 (I), maxillule (J). (C after Pillai 1974)

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Figure 4: A, B - Ogyrides delli zoea 4, dorsal view of cephalothorax (A), maxilla (B). C - Periclimenes yaldwyni zoea 8, lateral view. D, H, J - Leander tenuicornis zoea 5(?), lateral view (D), maxilliped 1 (H), maxilla (J). E, G, I, K - Palaemon affinis zoea 6, maxilliped 2 (E), maxilliped 1 (G), maxilla (I), lateral view (K). F - Periclimenaeus (?) wilsoni last larva, maxilliped 2 (exopod omitted). (D, H, J after Gurney 1938, F after Gurney & Lebour 1941, F, H, J scale unknown.)