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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 78, 79 and 80



Larvae of the Caridea can be distinguished from those of other decapods by the following combination of characters.

Caridean larval characters

1.Carapace and abdomen usually without large numbers of spines.
2.Posterolateral margins of carapace smooth, not produced posteriorly as spines and rarely overlapping more than abdominal somite 1.
3.Abdomen in mid- and late larvae with pleura of somite 2 overlapping those of somites 1 and 3.
4.Antennal exopod unsegmented (e.g. Fig. 2A) or in early larvae semented near distal end only (Fig. 3E).
5.Maxillipeds 1-3 present and with functional natatory exopod from hatching (except in some species with abbreviated development); endopod of maxilliped 1 shorter than that of maxilliped 2 which is shorter than that of maxilliped 3; basis of maxilliped 1 broad and flattened, with endopod at distal margin.
6.Telson dorsoventrally flattened; usually triangular in early larvae and parallel sided or tapering in mid- and late larvae; seta 2 not reduced to a small hair (Fig. 2E).