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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 78, 79 and 80

Hippolytid larval characters

Hippolytid larval characters

1.Eyestalks short, cylindrical rather than tapering proximally.
2.Rostrum extends beyond eyes (except in late larvae of Alope), without spines.
3.Maxillule with outer plumose seta and with distal lobe of endopod bearing three setae (Fig. 3J).
4.Exopod of maxilla in mid- and late larvae with proximal extension, and with distal margin almost straight rather than smoothly rounded, always with setae on outer proximal margin (Fig. 3K).
5.Maxillipeds 2 and 3 with flexible rather than spiniform setae (e.g. Fig. 3I, cf. Fig 4E).
6.Both pereiopods 1 and 2 with a well formed chela in late larvae.
7.Antennules not separated at base by more than width of one of them (Fig. 3D).
8.Antennal exopod distally segmented in early larvae (Fig. 3E).
9.Never more than 8+8 telsonic setae.