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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 78, 79 and 80

Family Ameiridae

Family Ameiridae

1.KGG 1 (p. 101)
(a)Add these new codons
3:2/3:3:3/3:3:2/5/0 Psyllocamptus minutus Pallares, 1982a
2:2/2:2:2/3:3:3/6/na Malacopsyllus hirsutus Itô, 1983
(b)Add Parapseudoleptomesochra helienica Pesce, 1981a and P. attirei Dumont, 1984 to footnote d on p. 103 (see Wells, 1978).
2.KGG 300 (p. 107)
(a)Add these new codons
s/0:0:0/1:1:1/3:4:4/2 Pseudameiropsis argentinus Pallares, 1982b
s/0:1:1/0:1:1/4:4:4/2 Nitocra baltica Arlt, 1983
s/0:0:0/1:1:1/5:4:5/1 N. mediterranea pontica Apostolov, 1980
s/0:0:0/l:l:l/3:3-4:4-5/1 N. lacustris azorica Kunz, 1983
(b)Note that on p. 108 the codon for N. mediterranea now refers to the nominate subspecies only.
(c)Note that in footnote b (p. 108) N. lacustris now refers to the subspecies lacustris, sinoi and the new subspecies pacificus Yeatman, 1983 only.
(d) Abyssameira reducta, a new genus and species by Itô (1983), page 6and Sarsameira knorri Reidenauer & Thistle, 1983 to codon for Sarsameira pendula.
3. Parameiropsis magnus Itô, 1983 to codon for P. peruanus in KGG 310 (p. 109).
4. Nitocra pseudospinipes Yeatman, 1983 requires a new codon in KGG 330 (p. 111) - 7:7:7/0:0:0/3-4:6/3:5-6.
5.KGG 400 (p. 114)
(a)Add these new codons
0:0:0/1:1:1/1:1:1/4:5:4/3:5/? Ameira faroerensis Schriever, 1982b
0:0:0/1:1:1/1:1:1/4:5:5/4:5/4:5 A. confluens Reddy, 1984
0:0:0/1:1:1/1:1:1/4:5:5/3-4:2/? Pseudameira antennulata Schriever, 1984a
0:0:0/1:1:1/1:1:1/3:3:3/4:2/? P. trisetosa Schriever, 1984a
(b)Kunz's (1983) specimens of Ameira tenella increase the degree of variation known for this species. As a consequence amend its codon (p. 115) to - 0:0:0/0:0-1:1/0:0.0/4:4-5:4/4:5-6/?
(c) Proameira thetiensis Pallares, 1982a to codon for P. simplex and P. arenicola (p. 116).
(d) Pseudameira mixta adriatica Apostolov & Petkovski, 1980 to species codon (see Wells, 1981).
6.Add these new codons to KGG 600 (p. 118)
4:4:5/1:1:1/3:2:2/3:4/? Nitocrella rhodiensis Pesce, 1983a
4:4:5/1:1:1/2:2:2/4:4/2:5 N. achaiae Pesce, 1981a
4:4:4/1:1:1/2:2:2/3:4/2:5 N. morettii Pesce, 1984
4:4:4/1:1:1/2:2:1/2-3:4/? N. juturna Cottarelli, 1975
4:4:4/1:1:1/1:2:1/2:4/? N. maggii Pesce, 1983b
7.KGG 700 (p. 120)
(a) Nitocrella skyrensis Pesce, 1981b requires a new codon — 4:4:4/1:1:1/2:2:2/2:4/2:4.
(b) Nitocrella somalica Dumont, 1981 to codon for N. petkovskii (see Wells, 1983).