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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 78, 79 and 80

Family Cylindropsyllidae

Family Cylindropsyllidae

1.KGG 1 (p. 141)
(a) Arenopontia trisetosa Mielke, 1982 requires a new codon — s/2:na/f/1:1:2/p.
(b) Notopontia galapagoensis Mielke, 1982 to codon for Syrticola flandricus (see Wells, 1983).
2.KGG 200 (p. 143)
(a) Stenocaris baltica Arlt, 1983, known only from the male, requires a new codon — 2:2:2/ns/0:1/na.
(b)As S. pygmaea is a synonym of S. pontica delete the codon for the former and amend the codon for S. pontica to read 1-2:1:2/ns/1:1/6.
3.KGG 300 (p. 144)
(a) Leptastacus ctenatus and L. spatuliseta, new species by Mielke page 12(1982), require a new codon - p/2/0:0:1/3:4:5/1:1:0/1:1:2.
(b) Leptastacus dispinosus dispinosus Mielke, 1982 and L. d. panamensis Mielke, 1983a to codon for L. minutus.
4. Arenopontia peteraxi Mielke, 1982 requires a new codon in KGG 600 (p. 149) - 4/3:3:3/1-2:1-2:2/4:4/r.
5. Psammopsyllus stri and P. falciseta, new species by Mielke (1983b), require a new codon in KGG 700 (p. 151) - ♀/0/3:2:2/3:2:2/3:3.