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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 78, 79 and 80

Family Cletodidae

Family Cletodidae

1.Schriever (1982a, 1984a) describes three species in a new genus, Thieliella, that he assigns to the Family Ancorabolidae. In a later note Schriever (in press) recognizes that this is not correct and that
(a) Thieliella endopodita must be transferred to Cletodes. It requires a new codon in KGG 600 (p. 167) — a/1:2/0.0/d:1:5/d:0:4.
(b) T. nordatlantica and T. reducta are synonyms of Monocletodes varians.
2.KGG 1 (p. 154)
(a)Schriever (1983, 1984b) describes five new species of Metahuntemannia which require these treatments
(i) M. pseudomagniceps: ♂ requires a new codon —
3:2/3:3:3/2:2/4:6:6:/4:3; ♀ to footnote b (p. 159).
(ii) M. bifida ♀ (male not known) requires a new codon —
(iii) M. triarticulata requires new codons —
(iv) M. atlantica and M. arctica females (males are not known) to codon for M. gorbunovi ♀ and M. spinosa ♀ (p. 155).
(b)Add these new codons for new species by Schriever (1983)
3:1/3:3:3/1:1/7:7:7/5:5 Mesocletodes parabodini
3:2/3:3:3/2:2/6:6:5/3-4:4-5 M. variabilis
3:2/3:3:3/0:0/4:4:4/na:na Paranannopus phimosus
(c) Mesocletodes trisetosa Schriever, 1983 requires a new codon and a new footnote — 3:1/3:3:3/1:11/4:4:5/2:1
i)in this species P.4 Enp. is represented by a seta only.
(d) Heteropsyllus serratus Schriever, 1983 to codon for H. rostratus and H. masculus (p. 158).page 13
(e)Amend codon for Paranannopus elongatus (see Wells, 1981) to — 3:2/3:3:3/3:2/3:3:3/1:1. Note that this is also the codon for Cylindronannopus primus (p. 156).
(f)Schriever (1983) describes the previously unknown female of Paranannopus langi. As a consequence delete the male symbol from the species codon (p. 156).
3.After Arlt (1983)
(a)Amend columns 3 and 4 of codon for Enhydrosoma longifurcatum in KGG 500 (p. 165) to d-f:3:2-3/d-f:2:2.
(b)In KGG 600 amend column 4 of codon for Cletodes longicaudatus (p. 167) to d:2-3:5, and for Cletodes longifurca (p. 168) to d:2:5-6.
4.The genus name Echinocletodes Pallares, 1982a is preoccupied by Echinocletodes Lang, 1936 (Family Ancorabolidae). I propose its replacement by Rosacletodes n.gen., whose sole and type species is Echinocletodes kuehnemanni Pallares, 1982a. The species requires new codons in KGG 1 (p. 154) —