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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 78, 79 and 80

Family Canuellidae

Family Canuellidae

1.Add these new codons to KGG 1 (p. 18)
7:6:4:4/6:5:4:3/a/3/8 Canuellina tuba Por, 1983
5:4:4:4/6:5:4:4/a/3/7 Brianola vangoethemi Fiers, 1982
7:7:5:4/6:5:4:4/a/3/8 Scottolana glabra Fiers, 1982
S. dissimilis Fiers, 1982
S. uxoris Por, 1983
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2. Scottolana antillensis Fiers, 1984c to codon for S. inopinata in KGG 1 (p. 18).
3.Fiers (1982) describes Canuella paenelantica n.sp. and states that he gives this name "because of the resemblance to Canuella elantica Por, 1967". Actually the correct name is elanitica (Por 1967: 106). Clearly paenelantica is an incorrect spelling due to a lapsus calami by Fiers and must be emended to paenelanitica (International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, 1985, Art. 32(c)(ii)).
4. Canuella paenelanitica Fiers, 1982 to codon for C. perplexa and C. furcigera in KGG 1 (p. 18).
5.Fiers (1982) erects Parasunaristes new genus. In KGG 1 (p. 19)
(a)Amend generic name of Sunaristes dardani, Ellucana curticaudata and E. chelicerata to Parasunaristes.
(b)Add P. cucullaris Fiers, 1982 to codon for P. dardani.
6.Fiers (1982) redescribes the female of Ellucana longicauda and (1984c) gives the first description of the male.