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Episodes & Studies Volume 1


page 32


THE OFFICIAL SOURCES consulted in the preparation of this account were the war diaries of Headquarters 6th New Zealand Infantry Brigade and the 26th New Zealand Battalion, and a special report on the campaign by the commander of the 6th Brigade, Brigadier H. E. Barrowclough. Most of the material is drawn from interviews and correspondence with men who took part in the action. The assistance of former members of L Troop, 33rd New Zealand Anti-Tank Battery, and also of the 26th Battalion and the 30th New Zealand Field Battery, is gratefully acknowledged.

THE MAP, DIAGRAMS, and SKETCHES were drawn by L. D. McCormick.

THE PAINTING on page 17 was by Captain Peter McIntyre.

THE PHOTOGRAPHS come from many sources, which are stated where they are known:

page 9 (top) I. G. Scott
(bottom) New Zealand Army official, W. Timmins
page 10 (top) E. A. Frost
(bottom) A. B. Gordon
page 11 New Zealand official
page 12 Peter McIntyre
page 13 (top) F. C. Barker
(bottom) A. B. Gordon
page 14 T. E. Williamson
page 15 Australian official, George Silk
page 16 (bottom) A. S. Frame
page 18 A. S. Frame
page 19 A. S. Frame
page 20 (top) Peter McIntyre
(bottom) A. S. Frame
page 21 (top) F. C. Barker
(bottom) A. B. Gordon
page 22 (top) Australian official, George Silk
(bottom) F. C. Barker
page 23 (top) T. E. Williamson
(bottom) I. G. Scott
page 24 (top) T. E. Unverricht
(bottom) T. E. Williamson