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Episodes & Studies Volume 2


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THE BATTLE OF ENFIDAVILLE was the last major operation in which 2 NZ Division was engaged in Africa, and the struggle for Takrouna was the most severe phase of that battle. It came at the end of a severe ten months' campaign, when the Division was at the peak of its efficiency as a fighting machine but signs of strain were beginning to appear. None of the troops engaged had taken part in fewer than two battles, Medenine and Tebaga Gap, and the great majority in many more.

The responsibilities of leaders at all grades were consequently greatly increased, and this account shows how they were discharged. There were few actions in which junior commanders, down to privates commanding sections, were required and able to play such important and decisive parts. There was more manoeuvre in this action than usually occurs in a set-piece affair and some interesting examples of the use of reserves and of artillery.

The services of New Zealand troops in Africa will be related in part of a volume dealing with the events of 1939–41, including the Greece Campaign, and in three volumes dealing respectively with Libya 1941, Egypt 1942, and Egypt to Tunisia 1942–43. Substantial progress has been made with each of these, but printing difficulties make it impossible to predict the date of publication.

This is the 18th of a series of 24 detailed accounts of episodes characteristic of the fighting in the three Services during the Second World War and studies of certain aspects of New Zealand's war experience. It is intended to be supplementary to the campaign volumes.

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