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(a) Despatches

Operations in the Western Desert from December 7th, 1940, to February 7th, 1941, General Wavell's Despatch, (Supplement to The London Gazette, 25 June 1946).

Operations in the Middle East from 7th February, 1941, to 15th July, 1941, General Wavell's Despatch, (Supplement to The London Gazette, 3 July 1946).

Air Operations in the Middle East from January 1st. 1941, to May 3rd, 1941, Air Chief Marshal Longmore's Despatch, (Supplement to The London Gazette, 19 September 1946).

Air Operations in Greece, 1940–1941, Air Vice-Marshal J. H. D'Albiac's Despatch, (Supplement to The London Gazette, 9 January 1947).

Transportation of the Army to Greece and Evacuation of the Army from Greece, 1941, Admiral Cunningham's Despatch, (Supplement to The London Gazette, 19 May 1948).

The Battle of Crete, Admiral Cunningham's Despatch, (Supplement to The London Gazette, 24 May 1948).

(b) Books

The following list is not exhaustive. The order is roughly chronological in order of appearance:

Gebirgsjäger in Griechenland und auf Kreta, HQ 18 German Alpine Corps ( Berlin, 1941).

The Campaign in Greece and Crete ( HMSO, London, 1942).

Von Serbien bis Kreta, by a publicity company of the German Army ( Aspioti-Elka, Athens, 1942).

Gebirgsjäger auf Kreta, Major Flecker ( Wilhelm Limpert-Verlag, Berlin, 1942).

Kreta, Sieg der Kühnsten, published by General Student (Steirische Verlagsanstalt, Graz, 1942).

Kiwi Saga, Martyn Uren ( Collins, Auckland, 1943).

Battle for Crete, The New Zealand Division in Action ( Army Board, Wellington, 1943).

Air-borne Invasion, John Hetherington ( Oswald-Sealy, Auckland, 1944).

With Pennants Flying, David Masters ( Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1943).

Middle East1940–1942, A Study in Air Power, Philip Guedalla ( Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1944).

African Trilogy, Alan Moorehead ( Hamish Hamilton, London, 1944).

‘Parachute Engineers in the Battle of Crete’, an article in Wie Wir Kämpfen, the German Air Force Handbook, 1944.

page 528

Climax in Crete, Theodore Stephanides ( Faber and Faber, London, 1946).

The German Attack on Greece, General Alexander Papagos ( Greek Office of Information, London, 1946).

Operation Victory, Major-General Sir Francis de Guingand ( Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1947).

Lord Wavell, Major-General R. J. Collins ( Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1948).

Winged Dagger, Roy Farran ( Collins, London, 1948).

Infantry Brigadier, Major-General Sir Howard Kippenberger ( Oxford University Press, London, 1949).

The Second World War, Vol. III, Winston Churchill ( Cassell, London, 1950).

New Zealand Chaplains in the Second World War ( War History Branch, Wellington, 1950).

A Sailor's Odyssey, Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Cunningham ( Hutchinson, London, 1951).

Dare to be Free, W. B. Thomas ( Wingate, London, 1951).

Documents, Vols. I and II, ( War History Branch, Wellington, 1949 and 1951).

(c) Legal Documents

Proceedings at the Trial of Kurt Student, Files of Evidence, War Office, London.

Trial and Law Report Series, No. 33: 5. Trial of Kurt Student, Legal Secretariat of United Nations, War Crimes Commission, 1 May 1947.

Precise references for unpublished sources can be obtained on application to War History Branch, Department of Internal Affairs, Wellington, New Zealand.