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The New Zealand Dental Services


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Appendix IV

A considerable number of statistics are given in the text of the history and it is not proposed to repeat them here. There are some, however, which may be conveniently grouped to give some idea of the condition of the men of the Armed Forces and the amount of work done for them by the New Zealand Dental Corps. They are approximate only as complete accuracy of recording is not possible under every condition of warfare. Suffice it to say that they are sufficiently realistic as a basis for study and errors would be of omission rather than exaggeration.

Dental Condition of Expeditionary Force Troops on Mobilisation

These figures are the result of an examination of the Second and Third Echelons and the 4th, 5th and 6th Reinforcements at Trentham Mobilisation Camp, and would be substantially the same as the figures for the other mobilisation camps.

Number examined 15,005
Number requiring treatment 11,427 (76·1 per cent)
Artificial dentures required 4,785 (41·8 per cent)
Fillings required per man 3·91
Extractions required per man 1·1

Dental Condition of Territorial Force

Number examined 11,215
Number requiring treatment 9,322 (83·12 per cent)
Artificial dentures required 1,780 (19·09 per cent)
Fillings required per man 5·04
Extractions required per man 1·26

A comparison of these two sets of figures points to the younger age of the Territorial group, in which fewer wearers of artificial dentures would be found, and consequently fewer fit mouths on examination with more filling work needed to achieve dental fitness.

Condition of 6th Reinforcements on Completion of Treatment

Per cent
Dentally fit through conservative treatment 35
*Wearing artificial dentures 65

* Full upper and lower, 18 per cent

Full upper or lower, 30 per cent

Partial, 17 per cent

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Comparison between Navy, Army and Air Force in New Zealand

Navy Army Air Force
Requiring treatment 80·9 per cent 79·6 per cent 85 per cent
Fillings required per man 2·76 4·11 3·39
Extractions required per man 0·5 1·31 0·7
*Artificial dentures required 10·15 per cent 23·52 per cent 12·1 per cent

These figures are the result of striking an average from a large number of reports.

* Exclusive of remodels and repairs.

Volume of Work carried out by the New Zealand Dental Corps

September 1939 to May 1945 for Navy, Army and Air Force
Fillings 1,340,117
Extractions 367,470
Prophylactic treatments 165,333
Full dentures 46,869
Partial dentures 19,849
Dentures remodelled 54,081
Dentures repaired 76,779

The total population of New Zealand at the end of the war was approximately 1,750,000. During the whole of the war 215 dentists were mobilised for service with the Armed Forces for varying periods, but at no time were all these serving together as executive officers. It took three years for the Corps to reach peak strength, after which there was a gradual retrenchment. Taking these facts into account, the volume of work is formidable.

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