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The New Zealand Dental Services

War Diary, 19 March 1940:

War Diary, 19 March 1940:

Letter received from D.D.S. to the effect that twelve officers, twelve orderlies and four mechanics are being sent with the second echelon. The dental condition of the force in relation to examinations in Egypt does not warrant this number of officers as filling work will obviously be of little concern for some time. The denture problem on the other hand necessitates a greater number of mechanics. The A.D.M.S. agrees with this opinion and A.H.Q.1 has been cabled to the effect that six officers and six mechanics are recommended for the second contingent.

The result of this cable was that seven officers, seven orderlies and two mechanics sailed with the Second Echelon. The DDS had very definite ideas as to the requirements of the overseas force and, according to his letters to Captain Fuller, a limited faith in that officer's appreciation of the situation.

1 Army Headquarters.