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The New Zealand Dental Services



The normal location to be Divisional Headquarters Area, but the six 15 cwt trucks which are also self-contained and fully equipped to act as sub-sections are intended to be distributed about the Division as required and attached to units in Infantry, Field Artillery, Brigade Headquarters Areas for duty and rations. The specially equipped dental laboratory, the Officer Commanding and one officer will comprise Dental Headquarters with the remaining vehicles and those of the six sub-sections not allocated in outside areas, the whole being parked and distributed in the Area in accordance with the conditions prevailing. The Dental Laboratory, as equipped and staffed, is capable of an average of 175 dentures per week. It is proposed that the sub-section should send the work back to the Dental Laboratory, the motor cyclists acting as carriers. Provision is made for the addition of a prosthetic pannier and dental mechanic to any sub-section if found expedient.