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The 35th Battalion



The battalion was lucky in having the nucleus of the Papakura Army Team which won the Drummond Cup, defeating the Navy, Air Force and Auckland. Thus when the unit was formed and sent to Fiji inter-company games were soon organised and even if head-quarters company were strong enough to play 'the rest' we enjoyed our football. Our most serious rivals were the Engineers whom we managed to beat twice at the area office grounds, but our greatest surprise was when we were beaten at Lautoka by the Indian team, to the score of 6-0. These dusky lads were very fast and wily and play ed good soccer, some even playing in bare feet. Players who represented the Battalion were: Orr, J., Scott, J., Mills, S., Thompson, K., Lees, J., Gilchrist, J., Grant, C., Robinson, E., Stevens, N., Beever, J., Roberts, S.

When the battalion moved back to New Zealand we continued our soccer at Paerata with Saturday games arranged against units at Papakura by the Divisional Sports Committee. Summer came and footballs were put away until we arrived in Necal. In Nepoui Valley a regular competition was arranged by the area office, and with the proper grounds marked out and jungle boots provided competition became very keen. Most units in the area had two teams play ing. This was the brightest period in the battalion's history as far as playing gear and players was concerned, and as far as can be remembered the unit senior team was unbeaten. Even the 30th Battalion was sent back with a loss of three goals to one. The battalion's senior and junior teams were: Foggo, J., Gilchrist, J., Scott, J., Orr, J., Lees, J., Thompson, K., Mills, S., Grant, C., Loveridge, McInnes, McNabb, Hare, Beever, Hamilton and Carson. Grey, Pears, Vessey, Miller, Camplin, Kinnis, Neely, Cormack, Scott, Loveridge, Johnston.

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On our return to Necal we tried to build up a team again, but with men sick and being manpowered we found we had to teach men, who were keen to get fit, the rudiments of the game. Never-theless, we were grateful for the games against other units in Tene Valley at that time.