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The 35th Battalion

To Our Fallen

page 129

To Our Fallen

Dedicated to my Comrades of the 35th Battalion
With smiles on their faces, and a wave of good cheer,
'Bon Voyage', they cried, 'we'll be home by New Year.
For some of them, 'Yes', for some of them, 'No',
A price must be paid to defeat any foe.

Now the battle is over, and those whom you Knew,
No more will we see them in mess or pay queue,
Neath tall shady palms, where thunder resounds,
For freedom and justice can have no bounds.

The angry waves beat on the coral girt shore,
Where our comrades are resting in peace evermore,
Our padre has blessed them, with God-given grace,
And a little white cross marks each man's resting place.

We miss them so much, these comrades of ours,
Who rest neath the splendour of tropical flowers,
They fought a great fight so the world may be free,
And they'll live for ever in our memory.