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The 35th Battalion

On The March

page 130

On The March

"Tis very well to write reviews,
And sit inside and keep dry shoe's,
But facts are facts, and just choose
To correct what appeared in the Kiwi news,
Forty miles to march.

"Twas sixteen dead to the first lunch stop,
Our spirits then were right on top,
Midst tropical rain and mozzies galore,
To read the report sure gets us raw,
Forty miles to march.

The first day's hop was twenty three,
Just seventeen more a la Kiwi,
But the poor old footsore infantry,
Knew this day's effort was one of three,
Forty still to march.

And so through Kone thence to Voh,
The morale of the troops was far from low,
In spite of camping at river level,
Where mosquitoes were just the very devil.
Still a score to march.

Late Thursday afternoon we totter,
To give salute to Brig. L. Potter;
An event proclaimed with acclamation,
We'd reached our final destination.
Sixty five miles marched.

To you who sit inside and pen,
The story of the marching men,
If doubt occurs, what we go through,
On metalled road with hobnailed shoe,
Come out and do a march.