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Forts and Works, number 11 (June 2001)

Artillery sub-historians

Artillery sub-historians

HQ 3 NZ Div Arty Capt JLM Horrocks
17 Fd Regt Maj JG Warrington
28 Hy AA Regt Lt HH Grey
29 Lt AA Regt Sgt RJ Harris
33 Hy Regt Sgt JD Bennet
38 Fd Regt Lt VC Graham
144 Ind Bty Maj GR Powles
53 A Tk Bty Capt JC McClennan
54 A Tk Bty Maj RM Foreman
4 Svy Tp Capt NR Anderson
Arty Training Dep Capt IHB Dixon

No mention is made of the Norfolk chapter in The Gunners at this stage: it presumably was added later.