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Medical Units of 2 NZEF in Middle East and Italy

Dressing Station at Imvros

Dressing Station at Imvros

On 28 May Lt-Col Twhigg, Maj Fisher, and four orderlies had established an MDS in a church half a mile north of the embarkation control post at Imvros. As more of the road parties of 5 and 6 Field Ambulances and 7 General Hospital arrived, they were added page 138 to the staff. Members of 2/2 Australian Field Ambulance located nearby gave assistance during the night. This dressing station was a good example of what could be done by improvisation. The medical equipment which had previously been gathered together was in a truck that had since completely disappeared. This loss of equipment was very serious, for when the MDS was opened the only medical supplies were two surgical haversacks, an assortment of mixed dressings, and a German medical kit containing a few items which were suitable for use. The staff of 5 and 6 Field Ambulances had, however, by a careful search in vehicles and houses over a wide area, gathered together within a few hours a variety of medical equipment, bedding, timber, and other material which fulfilled immediate needs beyond expectations. A problem that had always been of some concern, because of frequent moves, was insufficiency of rations, but a remarkable supply of these materialised from abandoned vehicles on the road. An assortment of carpenter's tools was also found in the village, and with these splints and splinting were made. It was found that arm-rests of pews, the type peculiar to Greek churches, made excellent crutches. The MDS was very soon overwhelmed with patients, both walking wounded and many more serious. All were given attention and some food.