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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Voluntary Aids—NZWAAC (Medical Division)

Voluntary Aids—NZWAAC (Medical Division)

The voluntary aids (whose corps name had been changed from Women's War Service Auxiliary to Women's Army Auxiliary Corps in conformity with the change made in New Zealand) had also page 475 proved themselves valuable members of the hospital staffs, and Colonel Pottinger, CO 1 General Hospital, in a report of December 1943 made the following comment:

Most of the WAACs have been here for nearly two years, during which time they have done their work with great efficiency.… Lately quite a number have been transferred to other hospitals where we hope they will carry out their duties in an equally satisfactory manner. There is no doubt that the presence of the WAACs adds very greatly to the efficiency of a hospital of this kind, and in fact, I do not see how we could have carried on without them. Many VADs have been able to look after minor wards to the satisfaction of everybody.