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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Combined Operations

Combined Operations

A series of combined operations was undertaken by 4 and 5 Infantry Brigades to provide training for a possible seaborne invasion. For the purpose, the Suez Canal and Bitter Lakes were regarded as open sea and the northern shores as enemy territory, and troop-carriers and landing craft were provided for the landing of troops on the ‘enemy’ shore. New Zealand troops were not at this, or any later, stage called upon to take part in any seaborne invasion in the Mediterranean area.

The field ambulances provided supporting medical personnel for the practice assault landings by 4 and 5 Brigades and lessons were page 314 learnt on the most useful weight of equipment that could be conveniently handled, on the need for a medical liaison officer on the beach-head, and on the most desirable methods of evacuation of casualties.