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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Treatment of Special Cases

Treatment of Special Cases

Heads: These cases were mostly sent to the base unit in Cairo for operative treatment. In some cases early suture at the MDS was successful.

Chests: The suture of the sucking wounds proved unsatisfactory, being generally septic when seen at the base hospitals. Firm pads kept in place either by elastoplast or by a few strong silkworm sutures tied over the pad were therefore utilised.

Abdomens: Early evacuation militated against satisfactory results. The exteriorisation of the colon was utilised for colonic injuries. Sulphadiazine was first utilised for introduction into the peritoneum at operation. Gastric suction and continuous intravenous glucose and saline became routine treatment.

Amputations: These were numerous. Skin traction was frequently applied in the early stages and some cases lightly sutured over a tulle gras roll had done well. Generally the wounds were clean.

Burns: Tanning had ceased to be employed. Instead, sulphanilamide in small quantities and tulle gras dressings were applied. At the base hospital our saline bath unit was utilised for treatment of these cases.

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