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Problems of 2 NZEF


page 288

Appendix III

A. Non-Divisional Units formed in New Zealand at the request of the United Kingdom Government


HQ Railway Construction and Maintenance Group

9 Railway Survey Company

10 Railway Construction Company

13 Railway Construction Company


14 Forestry Company (Note: 11, 14, and 15 Companies went to England, but 11 and 15 did not join 2 NZEF)


HQ Railway Operating Group

16 Railway Operating Company

17 Railway Operating Company


18 Army Troops Company


19 Army Troops Company


21 Mechanical Equipment Company


36 Survey Battery

B. Non-Divisional Units formed overseas by 2 NZEF for service under General Headquarters

C. Non-Divisional Units formed overseas by 2 NZEF for temporary service under General Headquarters in special campaigns

  • Air Support Control Signals

  • Field Maintenance Centres

  • Detail Issue Depots

  • Water Issue Sections

  • Ambulance Train

  • Prisoner of War Camps

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D. Corps or other Extra Units formed by 2 NZEF mainly for the purpose of supporting 2 NZ Division in the field

  • Tank Delivery Troop (later Forward Delivery Squadron)

  • Armoured Troops Recovery Unit (later Heavy Recovery Section)

  • Tank Transporter Company

  • Section Motor Ambulance Convoy

  • Field Bakery Section

  • Mobile Surgical Unit

  • Field Surgical Unit

  • Field Transfusion Unit

  • Mobile Dental Unit

  • Advanced Ordnance Depot

E. Line-of-Communication Units

  • Hospitals

  • Casualty Clearing Station

  • Convalescent Depot

  • Venereal Disease Treatment Units

  • Optician Unit

  • Rest Homes

  • Anti-Malaria Control Units

  • Rest Camps, Leave Camps, or Change-of-Air Camps

  • Ordnance Depots

  • Port Detachments

  • Reinforcement Transit Unit

  • Clubs

  • Entertainment Unit

F. Base Units

  • HQ Maadi Camp

  • HQ Advanced Base

  • Training Depots (at Maadi or Advanced Base or both)

  • Armoured Corps

  • Artillery

  • Engineers

  • Infantry — Headquarters and three depots

  • Machine Gun

  • Maori

  • Signals

  • Army Service Corps (incl Cookery School)

  • Medical

  • Ordnance

  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

  • Provost

  • Officer Cadet Training Unit

  • School of Instruction

  • Signal School

  • Driving and Maintenance School

  • Camouflage Training Unit

  • Reception Depot

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  • Discharge Depot

  • Base Kit Section (or Store)

  • Base Bakery (later Catering Depot)

  • Medical Stores Depot

  • Red Cross Store

  • Printing Unit

  • Service Units for:

    Ciphers Special Investigation
    Signals Field Punishment
    Field Security Supply
    Legal Transport
    Pay Hospital
    Postal Hygiene
    Works Dental
    Workshops Laundry
    Ordnance Bands
    Provost Welfare — various