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Nga Mahi A Te Hinota Tuatahi o Te Pihopatanga o Waiapu. I Whakaminea Ki Waerengaahika Turanga. I Tihema 1861.

Wednesday, December 4

Wednesday, December 4.

Members present at the Synod.

The Bishop.


page 22


  • Hakaraia Mahika,
  • Rewi Tereanuku,
  • Eruera Te Ripi,
  • Mihaera Taumanu,
  • Hunia Hapai,
  • Wiremu Kopa,
  • Maaka Te Ihutu,
  • Mohi Turei,
  • Hoani Ngatai,
  • Rihara Paipa,
  • Kemara Te Hape,
  • Rapata Wahawaha,
  • Henare Potae,
  • Hirini Te Kani,
  • Wiremu Pere,
  • Anaru Matete,
  • Pitihera Kopu.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

Moved by Rev. W. L. Williams, and seconded by Rev. R. Kawhia;

1. "That a Committee be chosen, for the appointment of a Standing Committee for this Synod, and to fix upon the duties of that Standing Committee."
2. "That the Committee consist of, the Bishop, Rev. E. B. Clarke, Rev. R. Kawhia, Rev. T. Huata, Anaru Matete, and Rewi Tereanuku."

Agreed to.

Moved by Rev. Rota Waitoa, and seconded by Henare Potae;

1 "That a Committee be appointed to consider the expediency of Marriage Fees and other Church Dues."
2 "That this Committee consist of, Rev. W. L. Williams, Rev. E. B. Clarke, Henare Potae, Pitihera Kopu, Eruera Te Ripi, and Rev. Rota Waitoa."

Agreed to.

Moved by Rapata Wahawaha, and seconded by Hoani Ngatai;

"That so long as the boundaries of parishes shall not have been accurately defined, the Bishop be requested by this Synod to lay down the regulation for the choosing of Laymen to attend the Synod, and that they be chosen annually."

Moved by Rewi Tereanuku, and seconded by Hakaraia Mahika;

"That it is expedient, that all the Clergy and Laymen of the Synod should stir up the members of the Church in their respective localities, to build decent Churches for the worship of God."

Agreed to.

Moved by Rev. W. L. Williams, and seconded by Rev. E B. Clarke;

page 23

"That No. 13 of the Standing Orders be suspended."

Agreed to.

Moved by Mohi Turei, and seconded by Henare Potae;

1 "That a Committee be chosen to consider what steps should be taken for the maintenance of Clergy."
2 "That this Committee consist of the Bishop, Pitihera Kopu, Hirini Te Kani, Henare Potae, Rapata Wahawaha, and Mohi Turei."

Agreed to.

Moved by the Bishop, and seconded by Rev. Rota Waitoa;

"That in the judgment of this Synod, it is the duty of those who enjoy the blessings of the Gospel, to use their exertions to send the Gospel to the nations who are sitting in darkness."

Agreed to unanimously.

Moved by Rev. Rota Waitoa, and seconded by Rapata Wahawaha;

"That it is the opinion of this Synod, that the inhabitants of the different localities should have consideration for their Teachers, and that Friday in every week should be a fixed day on which work shall be done, which may be required for the Teachers."

Agreed to.

Moved by Wiremu Pere, and seconded by Rihara Paipa;

"That in the judgment of this Synod, a recommendation be given to all those persons who have charge of churches, that certain persons should be appointed to keep order during the time of divine service, and also to secure the orderly departure of the congregation."

Agreed to.

Moved by Rev. T. Huata, and seconded by Hirini Te Kani;

"That the Teachers of the different villages be recommended to attend diligently to daily school, either in the morning or the evening."

Agreed to.

The Synod was adjourned to Thursday, the 5th day of December.