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Nga Mahi A Te Hinota Tuarua O Te Pihopatanga O Waiapu. I Whakaminea Ki Waerengaahika, Turanga. 5 Hanuere, 1863.


[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]

The amount reported to the First Synod, at Turanga, in December, 1861, as having been collected in various localities for the purpose of endowing Native Clergymen was £747 1s. 9d. Te following sums have been received for the same purpose during the past year:

£ s. d.
From Whareponga 2 2 0
From Tuparoa 14 0 0
From Te Horo 53 10 0
From Rangitukia 22 8 0
From Tokomaru 175 13 3
From the whole Wairoa District 137 10 8
From Maraetaha 5 15 3
Total £410 19 2
Previously collected 747 1 9
Grand Total £1158 0 11

The contributions from Te Kawakawa have reached the prescribed amount of £200: those from the whole of the Wairoa District have reached the sum of £208: those from Tokomaru £184 2s. 3d.: those from Whareponga £160 4s. 0d.: and in most places something is being done towards raising an Endowment Fund. But your Committee suggest that the Synodsmen should make it their business, on their return to their respective homes, to urge forward the completion of the Funds in those places where they are still deficient.

The money which has been received by the Bishop has been disposed of as follows; the sum of £550. has been invested in a house at Auckland, belonging to the Diocese of New Zealand, and will yield interest at the rate of £55. per annum. Another portion amounting to £450. is now in the hands of Rev. R. Burrows, for the purpose of being invested in land or other property in Auckland, so that it may yield a fair interest. Through the kindness of the Church Missionary Society a grant of £450. has been made to supplement the above-mentioned £450. which has been raised here; making in all the sum of £900. to be invested by Mr. Burrows for the Endowment of the Clergy in this Diocese.

The above being deducted, there is a balance of £158 0s. 11d. remaining in the hands of the Bishop, which, together with the sum of £257 10s. 6d. collected for the Endowment of the Bishopric, will be invested as soon as a desirable opportunity presents itself.

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Besides the above, the sum of £100. has been paid over by F. H. Piesse, Esq., for the support of Maori Clergymen. Of this sum £85. have been paid, as under, to the Clergymen of Whareponga and Te Wairoa, the Endowment Funds of those places having as yet yielded no interest.

£ s. d.
1860. Paid to Rev. R. Kawhia 20 0 0
1861. Paid to Rev. R. Kawhia 20 0 0
1861 Paid to Rev. T. Huata 5 0 0
1862. Paid to Rev. R. Kawhia 20 0 0
1862 Paid to Rev. T. Huata 20 0 0
£85 0 0