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Early Wellington

Church of England Society, 1839

Church of England Society, 1839.

Following is a list of the original members of the above society undertaking to negotiate for the appointment of a separate bishop for the Colony of New Zealand:—
Fig. 227.—The first Bishop of New Zealand, Dr. G. A. Selwyn.

Fig. 227.—The first Bishop of New Zealand, Dr. G. A. Selwyn.

The Earl of Devon; Lord Ashley, M.P.; Lord Courtenay; Viscount Sandon, M.P.; Hon. F. Baring, M.P.; J. J. Briscoe Esq., M.P.; W. E. Gladstone Esq., M.P.; J. R. Gowen Esq.; Sir Stephen Glynne Bart, M.P.; E. Halswell Esq.; Wm. Hutt Esq., M. P.; Sir Geo. Sinclair, Bart., M.P; J. A. Smith, Esq., M.P.; Alderman Thompson, M.P.; the Archdeacons of London and St. Albans; Dean of Chichester; Reverends G. H. Bowers, G. Brett, A. M. Camphill, G. Hamilton, S. Hawtrey, W. Harness, Saml. Hinds, D.D., W. Selwyn, and J. G. Ward.—(“N.Z. Gazette,” 6/9/39).

The members of the Committee comprised the following:—

Hon. Francis Baring, M.P.; Sir G. Sinclair, Bart., M.P.; J. Ivatt Briscoe Esq., M.P.; Wm. Hutt, Esq., M.P.; Rev. Dr. Hinds; Rev. W. Selwyn; G. S. Evans Esq., D.C.L.; E. Halswell Esq., F.R.S.; W. Swainson Esq., F.R.S.; Captain Daniell; H. St. Hill Esq.; E. Betts Hopper Esq.; H. Moreing Esq.—(“Col. Gazette,” 1/8/39).